Pre-packaged Ice Cubes (Sold Bulk)
Ice Monkeys

Pre-packaged Ice Cubes (Sold Bulk)

Sale price R 59.00 Regular price R 150.00

All water used in the manufacturing process passes through a specialized filtration system removing any dirt, odors or tastes and ensures you receive only the best ice cubes in Cape Town.

Ideal for just about any party, event or merely for staying cool throughout the summer.

Good quality purified ice sold in clear or branded 2KG bags. (Select the quantity you require)

Minimum quantity per order: 6 Bags

  • Average price per 6 x 2KG Bags @ R9.85 each
  • Average price per 12 x 2KG Bags @ R8.25 each

Cheaper than most retail outlets!

Better pricing can be arranged for Resellers.

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